Wine Down and Dessert Wars is coming up in a week. Soon, the Rex Baxter Building will be full of wine, gourmet desserts, and a jazz quartet.

I learned a few things while making this video.

First, turtlenecks and wine don't mix. The more the wine "kicks in," the more it feels like someone made out of a light poly-cotton blend is unsuccessfully choking you.

I also learned that cheap wine tastes cheap. I'm not a wine snob. I drink for one reason, and one reason only. However, that particular bottle tasted the way gasoline smells.

Finally, getting drunk at work isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. Nothing kills your buzz faster than someone with some "non-emergency" emergency that needs your attention.

And dodging the boss is a hassle when you try to make it to the bathroom.

Get your tickets at, and we'll see you next week!


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