Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order that begins on March 10th and allows maximum-capacity concerts and events that draw large crowds to return with full force in Texas. There will be zero mask mandates.

Gov. Abbott's decision to quickly rip the band-aid off of Texas before the wound has had enough time to heal has been met with some strong opinions online since his announcement on Twitter:

What does this mean for concerts in Lubbock?

At 94.5 FMX, we've been discussing how we think things will actually play out for music and live events. We're hoping that the people of Lubbock don't simply discard their masks and pretend as though there is no coronavirus at all.

It will likely be a slow and gradual process toward big crowds of people. Businesses are also still allowed to use their discretion with COVID-19 guidelines. It seems likely that establishments that are already doing the best they can to operate safely during the past year will continue to do so, even without a formal mandate.

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Most everyone is thrilled at the prospect of getting back out there to enjoy their favorite bands and crowded clubs, but the best things in life are worth waiting for. If you think going to see Metallica is more important than someone losing a loved one from this nasty disease, you should get your priorities in order.

So, yes, concerts will return eventually, and outdoor events will probably be the safest place to start. Let's just not get ahead of ourselves yet. Remember that just because you aren't being "forced" to wear a mask, doesn't mean you should just stop. Be kind and respectful to those around you. Wear your mask and help Texas stop the spread of COVID-19 so we can actually go see some damn shows.

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