If you can prove yourself a mathematical genius, or just really good at memorization, you could get a free cupcake at Ruffled Cup today.

March 14th was officially named National Pi Day by the United States House of Representatives in 2009. The date, 3/14, represents the first three numbers of Pi. If you haven't been in a math class in a few years, here's a refresher: Pi is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference. Pi is a mathematical constant and is an infinite number, meaning the numbers following its decimal point never end.

People like to celebrate Pi Day with pie, but why not mix it up and have a cupcake instead?

Here's the deal - If you can correctly say at least 20 digits of Pi, completely memorized, Ruffled Cup will give you a FREE cupcake! How hard can it be to memorize 20 numbers?

We'll give you a little help. Here are the numbers you need to memorize to get your free cupcake:


Good luck!

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