The Don Harrington Discovery continued their Spring Break Spectacular with a fun twist for Pi Day!

In celebration of the number Pi= 3.1415926 and Einstein's Birthday, the staff at DHDC decided to serve free pie. Kids were encouraged to try some yummy pie to celebrate Einsteins Big Day!

There was also a Pi eating contest to see who could win the gold! Everyone had fun making a mess and eating even more pie.

Earlier in the day, kids were able to participate in a project where they can make their own instruments and take them home.

The DHDC has a full list of fun events happening all this week. Tomorrow is Sounds of the Body day.

11:30-3:00 – Come and help out those in need by donating the gift of life with Coffee Memorial Blood Center. Eligible donors will receive a free T-shirt.

2:00-3:30- What sounds do you hear from the bodies of creatures? Find out with a live animal display courtesy of Fish Pros.

To see what else The DHDC has plan this week. Just click here. 

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