In 1967, The Byrds taught us how to be rock stars. Their advice was "Get a guitar, take some time and learn how to play." West Texas A&M will offer a course this spring, they are calling, for now, "School Of Rock."

Randy Ray, Director of broadcast engineering and associate lecturer in mass communications, has played bass for several area bands, will channel his inner Jack Black, and teach adults, what being in a band is like.

"Being in a band is like being married. You have to learn to get along", says Ray. Bands practice a lot, which means spending quite a bit of time together. Ray will indulge in the fun including tours of music stores and recording studios.

Ray hopes to focus on the individual instruments as well. "We'll have a bass night, a guitar night, and a drum night," says Ray.

The course will be on Tuesday nights and will run for six weeks, If you want to know more, you can call WT's General Information at (806) 651-2000.

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