Top Signs That He’s A Married Man [POLL]
So ladies, your on a date with a guy you barely know.  He's throwing his best game at you, but you have this suspicion that it's just to good to be true.  As in most cases, when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.  Here are the top signs you need to be looking for while your on a date, signs that he's a married man.
Britney Spears Is Engaged To Jason Trawick, Maybe
So earlier today, TMZ was all like "Britney Spears is getting engaged tonight in Las Vegas and she don't know it."  They were told by multiple sources that Jason Trawick was going to pop the question to Britney Spears tonight while the 2 were in Vegas partying it up.  Well now, TMZ is all like "Britney Spears is engaged!"  Am I alone in just wanting to say "hey TMZ, why do

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