When it comes to graduation and graduation gifts sometimes parents and family members go a bit over the top. Dropping a ton of money on a gift seems outlandish. I get it if you have the money to do it, but....

Here's a few things you probably shouldn't buy your grad.

A New Car

You are getting ready to send your grad to college, yes they may need a car for that, but a new car? Odds are that you bought them a car when they turned 16, why do they need a new car. Let them work for that new car. There is something about walking on to that car lot, test driving, going through the process and buying a brand new car all by yourself. It's an accomplishment.

Plastic Surgery

We all have something we don't like about ourselves. Even though your child might want it, it's a huge decision and a very big cost. Give them time to think about it. Let them pay for the surgery or at least half of it. If they want the surgery that bad, then they will make it happen, plus it will give them time to think and really decide if they want it.

Over the Top Vacations

A trip after graduation is a fun time for your grad and their friends. In fact, I took a road trip with four of my friends after graduation. We hopped in the truck and drove to the beach in South Texas. It was a blast. However, some parents tend to purchase trips for their kids in excess of $10,000. That's a ton of money that could be saved or used for college. You can still make awesome memories on an amazing after graduation vacation with out the massive price tag. Hop in a car and go! Go camping, find a cheap AirBnB, head to the lake. We have so many great destinations near us and all within a days drive.  It's the memories you'll cherish now how much the vacation cost.

When it comes to gifts, give them something practical, give them something fun.  You don't have to spend a ton of money.   Let your grad work for the bigger gifts.  When someone has to work for something they appreciate it more and take care of it

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