Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, the four-part A Year In the Life, was full of callbacks to the original show ("I smell snow!"), and a handful of mysterious choices (we got zero explanation of how Rory and Logan found their way back to each other, yet there was time for a too-long musical performance?). There some easter eggs as well. Case in point: Keen-eyed viewers who saw past thick glasses and a hair changeup noticed that Berta, Emily Gilmore's new live-in made, was played by Rose Abdoo — who plays ornery Stars Hollow mechanic Gypsy in both the original series and the revival.


Show star Lauren Graham shared TVLine's confirmation of the dual role on Twitter with some background, tweeting, "Rose read it for fun in a table read because they hadn't cast it yet, and she was so hilarious they had to double her up!"

And hilarious she was (spoiler alert, obviously): Berta moves into Emily Gilmore's house after her husband Richard Gilmore's passing, and her husband and kids soon move in as well. While Emily's domestic help rarely lasted past one episode during the original series, it seems her grief — and Berta's helpful attitude and upbeat spirit — ensure a place with the eldest Gilmore girl, even after Emily moves out of Connecticut.

The language barrier between Berta and Emily also keeps Emily's unaware of Berta's musing on her absurd level of rich-lady privilege. In A Year in the Life segment Fall Berta ultimately speaks for all of us when she says of Emily's novice soup reheating attempts, "How a grown woman goes through life without being able to heat something up is incredible." Emily's lucky to have her.

In the years since Gilmore Girls went off the air in 2007, Rose Abdoo has appeared on several shows that hired her GG costars: Parenthood, which starred Lauren Graham, Scandal, which featured Liza "Paris Gellar" Weil in a recurring role, and Melissa McCarthy's sitcom Mike & Molly. 

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