It’s probably fair to say that the post-credits scene in Split sent many jaws dropping to the floor. Whether you were thrilled or taken aback by M. Night Shyamalan’s latest twist, the allure of an interconnected Shyamalan-iverse is difficult to deny — for better or worse. According to those who attended today’s CinemaCon presentation for Glass, we should be feeling pretty optimistic for Shyamalan’s sequel / crossover.

Universal revealed a banner image for the film, which features James McAvoy reprising his role(s) from Split opposite Bruce Willis (looking very homemade Green Arrow) and Samuel L. Jackson’s characters from Unbreakable:

The crossover makes a good deal of sense: Both Split and Unbreakable explore similar themes of trauma and its effects while taking a more humanistic approach to “super powers.” In the case of Willis’ David Dunn, a tragic accident gives him an extraordinary ability that he chooses to use for good. Jackson’s Mr. Glass and McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell (and his myriad identities), however, are transformed by their own personal traumas into villains.

So it wasn’t too surprising to see Willis’ Dunn pop up during the post-credits scene in Split, teasing a potentially wild crossover. That crossover is called Glass, and if you’re curious about exactly how Shyamalan plans on bringing these three characters together, some new plot details have arrived out of this afternoon’s CinemaCon panel, where Universal debuted the first trailer:

That premise sounds like it could easily be awesome or terrible, and your feelings on Split (I loved it) may be a factor in your overall excitement / enjoyment. The Paulson that Eric Vespe refers to above is Sarah Paulson, who recently appeared in Steven Spielberg’s The Post, though she’s become best known to certain audiences for her work in Ryan Murphy’s exhaustive TV universe.

Hopefully we’ll get to see the Glass trailer sooner rather than later. The film, which also stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Luke Kirby, hits theaters on January 18, 2019.

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