I had the opportunity to speak with Charity Rodriguez, the daughter of Craig Logan, the gentleman who fell ill during the Amarillo Venom/Texas Revolution game on May 13th.

If you missed the story of how Amarillo Venom and Texas Revolution players helped EMTs during that scary scenario, you can read it here.

Ms. Rodriguez let me know that her father, Craig Logan, a former railroad employee, did not suffer a seizure as originally thought. However, it was a very serious condition known as a hemiplegic migraine. The symptoms are like that of a stroke, but as Ms. Rodriguez pointed out, you can fall unconscious or even fall into a coma.

She also let us know that doctors thought Mr. Logan might have suffered a stroke, but when the CT scans proved negative, Ms. Rodriguez’s sister stepped up and asked if it was related to a disorder she had years previous. Sure enough, they tried the same treatment the sister had, and Mr. Logan is now recovering.

From Ms. Rodriguez:

Just a heads up for anyone that wants to know that fan was my father. He is home and doing well. It was not a seizure as originally thought. They kept him overnight just to make sure everything remained OK but he is now home doing fine! Getting checked out with his heart Doctor this morning in fact! Thank you to everyone for everything everyone did. My family appreciates it VERY much.

Everyone at 102.5 KISS FM Lubbock and 96.9 KISS FM Amarillo wishes Craig a speedy recovery and we hope to see him again at a Venom game soon!

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