This guy is just socks and sandals away from being the total dad cliche.

In this video, entitled "Dad nails classic dance moves at The Vamps gig at Thorpe Park," a man in the ultimate dad get-up -- polo shirt tucked into his tight jeans capped off by white sneakers -- dances like he doesn't have a care in the world. And when he busts out the robot, you will be totally won over. Trust us.

You just know this guy has memorized the dad handbook that is handed out in hospitals after a man has his first child. It specifies things like how to dance and how to dress (he's mastered these), as well as other important skills, like how to embarrass your kids making terrible jokes (or, in this case, dancing).

And, in true dad fashion, our hero here couldn't care less that he looks ridiculous. You just know that after he found his little girl and drove home he tucked her into bed and then unwound with a nice cup of tea in his "World's #1 Dad" mug he got for Father's Day that he treasures more than anything in the world, aside from the "World's #1 Dad" T-shirt he also has.

This dad is your dad. This is everyone's dad.

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