There is some strange stuff on craigslist and with the Facebook Marketplace, there really is no need to use Craigslist.

I haven't been on craigslist since 2012, the last thing I purchased was a coffee table from an eldery couple. I had a friend in college scammed out of $3000 while trying to purchase a new car.

Craigslist is not something I want to associate with or invest my time or money into. But there are some weird and interesting posts and ads. Here's what we found.

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    Professional Cuddles

    Yes this is EXACTLY as it sounds.
    $30- 30 min
    $50- 1 hour
    $20- Rush appointment travel fee
    All Above are Per Person & Cash Only
    (No sessions will exceed 3 hours, unless prior negotiations are made)

    Seems legit right? Is this safe?

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    Buy a Homing Pigeon

    Purchase a homing pigeon and send messages to loved ones with the model of a pigeon, all sales final.

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    $400 Payphone

    Everything about this is weird,

    "Countertop "Pot Belly" Pay Phone with locked metal wall mount and extra large coin holder tray. Excellent Investment with Very Quick Return. Tray holds over $250 worth of quarters when full. Phone can be set on 3 minute timer all the way up to unlimited talk time per quarter. LIKE NEW and WORKS GREAT! 400.00."

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    Ricochet Autographed Picture - $10

    Now, this is a screaming deal!

    "For sale in SW Amarillo is an autographed black and white picture of the band Ricochet, dated 1995 from Columbia. Each band member has signed this 8" x 10" pic. It is made out to my mom, Val, so signatures are authentic! Color autographed pics of the band are selling for $55 on EBay. I'm asking $10 for this pic."

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    George Washington Biscuit Tin

    I think this belonged to Martha Washington. $10 and this is yours, who know you could take it to the next antiques roadshow, is that still a show?

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    Amarillo Sells Tiny Homes

    The actual sales pitch for the tiny home:

    "We have one brand new tiny house Professionally built with highest quality materials overstock unit (customer ordered and needed a smaller size)! Normally this Tiny House trailer retails for $35,450 but it's now on sale for ONLY $28,450 for the shell finished on the exterior or $38,450 finished completely on the interior (kitchen bathroom appliances hardwoods etc.) !!! This cottage is 9 feet wide by 28 feet long 332 SQ FT with loft. It was built as for customer who ended up needing a smaller size everything is brand new."

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    Mancave Trash Can

    In need of a trash can for your man cave, maybe the kitchen? It gives the room a 'restaurant' feel. Now you can stay at home but feel like you're eating out.

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    Porcelain Nun Dolls

    It took a google search to realize these are an actual thing, I've never seen anything like it. If you want them, they are only $30 for both. I would probably purchase both.

    We can thank Chucky for the fear of dolls, I've got the willies just typing this.

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    Red Dog Smoke and Vape

    It's not so much the Vape Store but the fact that Snoop Dogg makes the Vape pens. I had no idea. I don't vape, but the packaging looks pretty cool!

  • Getty Images/Flickr Select
    Getty Images/Flickr Select

    Full Body Massages

    This does not seem legit. I would check for an accredited business.

    "Full body massages message me *** four zero zero ****"

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