Would-be adventures will be able to watch shocking GoPro footage with a new app coming for Xbox 360 as an update for Xbox One's YouTube app is about to debut, allowing you to directly upload your gaming footage online.

The Xbox Wire reports that the GoPro YouTube Channel will be heading to Xbox this week in the form of a full-fledged GoPro app for Xbox 360. To commemorate the launch of the app, Two exclusive, amazing videos will be launched on the Xbox 360 GoPro app prior to their normal YouTube debuts. The first video is an unbelievable trick shot involving a few basketballs and a moving car. The other video features a first-person look behind an extreme snowmobile jump.

The Xbox 360 GoPro app will allow you to browse through footage of extremists worldwide who use the tough camera to depict sports, adventures and various other insane feats. The app will also allow you to purchase GoPro cameras and accessories directly through the app. The GoPro app is expected to launch on Xbox One later this summer and will debut tomorrow on April 8 for Xbox 360.

April 8 will also feature an update to the Xbox One's YouTube app that will integrate the system's Game DVR and Upload with YouTube, making it much easier to capture and share your own gaming content online.

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