Governor Abbott will reveal Friday in a press conference the how and when Texas businesses will be allowed to reopen according to the Governor’s office.  Abbott has said in a press conference, “he wants to shift his focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods.”

The coronavirus pandemic in Texas has not reached its peak according to local health officials as well as the CDC.  The Governor still urges Texans to continue social distancing for now, and extended the shelter in place and his essential services order extended to April 30. Amarillo mayor Ginger Nelson agrees with that decision. The Amarillo City Council extended the city's shelter in place order to April 30 as well.


The question remains, when is the right time to reopen Amarillo businesses. The Mayor said during Wednesdays COVID-19 City Update video conference that possibly some restaurants could be allowed to open with extra precautions such as tables being moved to a safe distance of six feet apart and employees required to wear masks.

In Tuesday’s press conference the Mayor said, “the city is looking for a substantial drop in cases, which we haven’t seen yet, and I think that’s really the criteria for considering whether or not it’s time to end our shelter in place order.”

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Remember be safe, be respectful, take precautions and be patient. We are all in this together and together we will overcome it.

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