In their never ending quest to understand everything in the known universe, the folks at House Method decided to find out which states are the cheapest to make a margarita in.

The good news is that Texas ranked in the top 10 for least expensive. The bad news is that we aren't the cheapest.

House Method

According to their study, it will cost you around $2.30 on average to make a margarita in the Lone Star State. It definitely costs more than that to order one from your favorite restaurant.

Their findings are based on taking the "price of each ingredient and multiplying that by the percentage of the product that would be used to make one margarita."

So, basically, the ingredients for making a margarita are cheaper in Texas than in most places.

The cheapest place in the U.S. to make a margarita in goes to Arizona, and that's largely due to the cost of Jose Cuervo tequila.

House Method

The most expensive place to make your own margarita is Alabama of all places. The main reason was their price of Jose Cuervo. Jose Cuervo goes for $23.99.

Another interesting part of their research was the cost of other ingredients, like limes. The most expensive limes were found in Hawaii. I would have guessed Alaska.

Alaska did, however, charge the most for margarita mix.

You can find out more about the study by following this link to House Method's website.