This is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my live ever!  This guy got arrested for saying the "F" word while trying to use the restroom.  Yeah, an old lady called the cops on him for cursing, and they arrested him.  That's pretty stupid I think, and so did this guy.  He went to a city council meeting and delivered what I think is the MOST EPIC RANT EVER!  On top of that, he does it all without cursing just to ensure he doesn't get arrested.  It's absolutely awesome!

The greatest part comes at the very end of the video when the a council member jokingly tells James that his remarks will be recorded for the record of the hearing as he walks off the stage.  Getting applause and cheers and even a standing ovation from all in attendance!

It's epic and it's a great way to kill 4-5 minutes of your day.  Enjoy!


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