This weatherman called for a 100% of a verbal tornado hitting the television studio. No one was safe.

His name is Garry Frank in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and when he tells you the weather, you better freakin' get excited about it. He was simply not pleased by his co-anchors and their constant disapproval of the local weather after he reads the forecast. Apparently, this had been going on for some time, and finally, he snapped.

His rant began even before the weather broadcast, where he began to unravel on the other anchors. Once he made his way to the green screen, he said things like, "You guys are dragging me down" and "What do you want me to do, lie to you?"

Then he basically gives up and forecasts the weather in the most nonchalant way imaginable, all while peppering his co-workers with verbal jabs.

Once he's done, the traffic anchor peaks his head into frame saying "Is he done? That was terrifying."

Check it out!


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