Gym Class Heroes take their music to a dark warehouse in the new video for ‘Martyrial Girl$,’ an intense rock-edged song from their most recent album, ‘The Papercut Chronicles II.’

Gym Class Heroes are pretty cool if you ask us, but in the video, they’re unable to gain entry into a ritzy nightclub with a velvet rope and a selective doorman, who lets in hot ladies in tight skirts but rejects the dressed-down girls wearing flannel and jeans.

Soon, the outcasts find a home when they arrive to a GCH performance in a dark performance space. While two drummers pound away, frontman Travie McCoy raps about not fitting in with superficial people who are only concerned about having the latest trendy clothes. Image is not a problem for any of these partygoers, who seem carefree as they dance and rock out to the song.

Drummer Matt McGinley told PopCrush that ‘Martyrial Girl$’ was created from a five-second riff that stood out during an eight-minute jam session. The gritty look of the clip seems appropriate given the song’s powerful military-style drums and fierce guitars. Video director Vashtie said that McCoy told her, “This is the video we’ve always wanted to make.”

Vashtie gave fans some behind the scenes details when she blogged about the filming process, which took place in Brooklyn in May: “It was a cold day that became an even colder evening,” she wrote. “By the time we started shooting the main and almost final scene, we were plagued with rain! Not just rain, but torrential downpours of a biblical kind.”

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