Amarillo has a lot of things, but just like any city, there are stores and other things missing.

It seems there are two big names that always seem to pop up when asked what we want here in Amarillo.

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And once again, there are reasons to believe at least ONE of them is going to show up in Amarillo soon.

I was trolling around on Reddit, and someone said they're hearing rumors of a Costco getting ready to show up here in the 806. So what exactly was said?

There's varying opinions on this. Some were well thought out and some were pure speculation. In any case, it seemed people would be ok with either one popping up.

One person stated they heard rumors that H-E-B was scouting locations in Amarillo. A person responded to that saying they were skeptical because it took Lubbock 30 years to get theirs. They did however respond saying that they believed if H-E-B were coming, it would probably be around 58th and the new loop where development is already in the works.

Another user responded as if they knew the answer to the question, but pulled up short of a solid confirmation. They mentioned that Amarillo has crossed the 200k population range, which does put the city in play for stores we may not have.

A user responded by saying a Costco team has been scouting locations around the Tascosa/Gem Lake area, as well as the south/southwest areas of Amarillo.

There are several other comments of speculation that you can read here. All I can say is the thought of either one popping up seems to make people a bit giddy. I will say I'd totally be down for a Costco, it'll save me a whole lot of money on drinks and snacks for my boys sporting activities.

Which one would you rather have in Center City? An H-E-B or a Costco? Let me know below.

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