I'll start by saying this. If you've never been inside an H-E-B, you won't understand why this is such a big deal. However, if you HAVE been inside one, especially an H-E-B Plus, you get it.

It appears some people in Canyon have decided they feel everyone should get to experience H-E-B and not have to drive to Lubbock to do it.

In a group on Facebook, a post went up talking about flooding their website with requests for a new store...and to place said store right there in Canyon.

On H-E-B's website, there is a Contact Us link you can access. Now, here's where it gets a bit tricky.

When you look at their drop down menu as to what you're contacting them about, there's nothing about requesting a new store. You kind of have to back your way into it. You select "Corporate Help" which brings you to a form you have to fill out.

You'll see another drop down that says "How can we help you?". Once again, you'll select "Corporate". Yet another drop down will populate once you do that. It'll say, "Which department" and this is where you'll select "New Store Request".

Here's the thing, we don't know how successful it'll be even if they get absolutely flooded with requests for a store in Canyon. I will say though, H-E-B customer service is absolutely phenomenal and if enough requests come in, it could trigger them to at least explore it.

So hey, what do you have to lose Canyon? A few minutes to fill out a little info and then hope that maybe, JUST maybe you make enough noise to get the first H-E-B built in the Amarillo and surrounding areas. I'll be watching your progress.

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