The Urban legend "Baby Blue" is about a baby and his mother (who was psychotic) and murdered him. She shattered a mirror and stabbed him with one of the shards of glass. No one know what thw baby's real name was. Just like the 'Bloody Mary' myth, this one that is done in the bathroom as-well.


The way the "Baby Blue" is supposed to work is you enter the bathroom and turn off the lights. You then hold out your arms as if you were carrying a baby. While holding your arms out you then say the phrase "Blue Baby" over and over for thirteen times while pretending to rock a baby. After you finish chanting, a baby will appear and scratch you. You should drop it and run out of the bathroom as quick as you can otherwise a woman will appear and scream "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY". If you are still holding her baby then she will kill you. We had Vahid try it out on the show and you should see what happens!