It's always one of the most hotly contest debates around. Is there life outside of Earth and do they come down and check in on us? If you want to start an argument with just about anyone, tell them you believe aliens and extraterrestrial life does exist.

Now every once in awhile, something happens up in the night sky, and even in the daytime, where we see something that we aren't really sure of what it is. Something far off in the distance that isn't an airplane, helicopter, or something we're used to seeing.

Never does it happen in Amarillo...until now. Someone right here in the 806 shot some video late at night of some random lights that just began to appear out of nowhere. One light was incredibly bright and moving around. As the big light appeared, a few smaller ones start to join it.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Now I know looking at the picture, you say that could be anything. You don't see anything moving and for all we know, they're just enhanced stars. Well stars don't move, not like these were.

In the video, you see lights appear then disappear off into the distance, then you see a few more just pop into view. As they leave sight, a few more come in.

Now I don't know that I believe there are aliens, and yes there are unidentified flying objects, commonly referred to as UFO's. Those UFO's could be anything we don't recognize, it doesn't mean it's an alien spacecraft.

Now there's a Reddit page that's dedicated strictly to aliens and extraterrestrial life, and their comments on the video are all over the board.

Reddit screenshot
Reddit screenshot

Three different things mentioned just in those comments, and it doesn't seem there is a consensus amongst them here in the thread.

Whether or not I believe there are aliens and they're coming to Earth for a little vacation doesn't matter. I will say that while I've seen so many of these different types of videos, this one is definitely a bit stranger than most I've seen...and they're right here in Amarillo.

Well move along aliens, you will find yourself disappointed in the selection of entertainment and fun things to do here. If you need to park your spacecraft though, we've got plenty of open land you can crater into.

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