Vine star Hayes Grier was hospitalized earlier today (July 28) after being involved in a car accident, according to his brother Nash Grier.

Details surrounding the accident remain scarce, but Nash has kept fans updated about his brother’s condition via Twitter.

“Just got a call on set that said Hayes was in a crash. He’s now in the hospital,” Nash tweeted, along with the hashtag #PrayForHayes.

“Damn I hate hearing sh—t like that on the phone scared me to death,” he continued, before sharing a screenshot of a text message updating him on Hayes’ current status.

Thankfully, there appears to be no lasting physical damage to the young Vine star.

“Your brother is pretty busted up right now. Luckily no major stuff. All scans came back negative for any internal bleeding,” the text reads. “He does have a concussion, fractured top two ribs and bruised lung on one side. He is in a lot of pain."

Hayes’ rep released a statement to E! News about the incident, saying, "Hayes was involved in an accident and has been transported to a local hospital. He is under great care. Thank you for your prayers and support.”

Hayes made news last year when he became the youngest male contestant to ever join the cast of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. He’s also meant to star in a reality docu-series about his family’s farm, titled Top Grier, that is set to air on Verizon’s Go90.

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