HBO announced that they are cancelling their boxing programming. October will signal the end of an era.

Watching boxing on HBO growing up is a big part of why I decided to join a boxing gym when I found my life spiraling out of control. Watching those warriors inspired me to fight my own demons with a pair of gloves.

I even achieved my personal goal of getting my "results" photo at Nick's Fight Club.

While heartbreaking as a boxing fan, it isn't completely unexpected. The sport has been suffering as of late, and HBO isn't the powerhouse it used to be.

Their competition comes in the form of alternative streaming services (I watched the Pac-Man's comeback via ESPN+) and even promoters opting to stream matches themselves, sometimes via Facebook Live.

The final HBO boxing broadcast will be Oct. 27 from Madison Square Garden with a Middleweight title bout.

Who was your favorite to watch on HBO? Foreman? Tyson? De La Hoya? Chavez? Gatti? Mayweather? Frazier? Ward?

We'll always remember all the great fights HBO brought us.



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