There's a big change coming to Amarillo parks that you might not know about. The city decided to drop this immediate ban on a Friday afternoon when generally most of us are pretty much checked out for the weekend. There's a change in how you bring your stuff to any of the city pools. Here's what you need to know and how to prevent yourself from being kicked out.

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The City Is Moving To A Clear Bag Policy

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I'll call my friend here in London waiting for the Underground George. George here is demonstrating the latest in clear backpack technology as called for by the City of Amarillo. The move according to folks over at the city was made in part for safety of the staff. If clear isn't your thing it's also perfectly okay to use any form of mesh bag. Again as long as parks and rec staff can see through it, you're golden

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There's already a little bit of backlash

Heading over to the Amarillo Parks and Rec Facebook page, there's no shortage of folks who are already crying foul over this. I can see the point, When you go to the pool there's a few things in the bag that might be a little personal and you may not want on display. Is this a safety measure? Among the biggest gripes are not being able to sneak in snacks anymore and if someone is going to do something they can easily wrap an item up with a towel anyway.

Small price to pay, Just keep the bags clear folks. At least we can get back into the pools right?

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Say You're From Amarillo Without Saying You're From Amarillo

Amarillo is a pretty quirky place. We've got the Big Texan, the weird signs, and (obviously) the famed Cadillac Ranch. But more than that, there's a distinct culture of close-knit community, eccentrics, a thriving arts scene, and much more.

The point is, living in Amarillo is a unique experience. Because of that, it's really pretty easy to tell who's a native or a long-time resident. And I can prove it.

Here's a couple of ways you can say you're from Amarillo.....without saying you're from Amarillo.

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