We're busting out shiney new music this week and you'll hear it first in Amarillo on 96.9 KISS-FMJennifer Lopez brings back her beautiful voice and booty in a new song called Papi.  For the first time ever Pitbull and Chris Brown duet in International Love.  And then a new group to the KISS-FM play-list called Outasight is hitting the air waves with Tonight Is The Night.

Let's start with a song that might have a familiar sound to you from Jennifer Lopez.  The reason this Papi song sounds familiar to you is because it's featured in the new 2012 FIAT 500 commercial.  It's got a that good Latin dance vibe you can always expect from a J-Lo track.  And the video has good shots of that famous booty you drooling dogs are all about.  I literally know a guy that watches Jennifer Lopez videos on mute while jamming Slipknot in the background.  Yeah he's a sicko I know it.

Now if you like Mr. 305 and Breezey, your gonna love this new collaboration!  It's got that hard driving rhythm you get out of the Pitbull style, but with Brown's amazing voice working hypnotically on the lyrics completely complementing Pitbull.  I gotta say this mash up is long over due.  This is almost certainly going to be a huge club track and mix show track because it's got that vibe, almost like you would hear from LMFAO.

Now this new group Outasight is going to take my favorite spot in the new music this week!  I love this new track Tonight Is The Night!  It's just got a different sound like Outkast, Foster the People, OAR and Weezer all had their DNA extracted and blended into 1 musician!  Just good vibe, makes you wanna nod your head.  You can't help but fall in love with this track and play it on repeat while your at the gym!  It rocks!  I suggest you give it a chance!

Listen up to hear these new tracks all week on 96.9 KISS-FM and as always please tell us what your favorite new song is this week!  We gotta know these things :)