We've got the hottest tracks hitting your radio in 2012 on 96.9 KISS-FM!  DJ Earworm recaps 2011 in his new mashup United State Of Pop 2011!  And the new Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj - Dance A$$ is hitting the airwaves and making waves!

So DJ Earworm has been doing these United State of Pop mashups since 2007 and has released one every year since.  As I say in my blog on the release of United State Of Pop 2011, it's a mix of the year top 25 singles all mashed up into one, hence the term mashup.  This time instead of combining the top 25 tracks of the year from the Billboard Year End Hot 100, he pieced it together based on weekly charts throughout the year.  According to DJ Earworm, this “ensures that all the late-breaking hits are included in the 2011 mix”.  The song list featured in this years version is as follows:

In my opinion it's definitely one of his best mashups yet!  Not as good as United State Of Pop 2009, but better then all the other United State of Pop mashups.

Now this new one from Big Sean and Nicki Minaj is definitely my favorite new track to the playlist!  Dance A$$ has just got that beat, like has kind of an old school feel to it.  I've had a few people tell me that they kind of find Nicki Minaj's voice to be a tad annoying, but the very same people fall into a trance with this song!  All 3 and a half minutes of this song kick a$$!  I think this will be Big Sean's biggest single to date!

Listen for these new songs all week on KISS-FM!  We'll keep hitting the hottest and best new tracks for 2012, but you gotta keep telling us what your favorite is!  Take the poll real quick by just clicking for your favorite new song!


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