With the COVID-19 Vaccine well on its way Governor Abbott has announced his distribution plan when it becomes available to Texans. The first step is to identify groups that should receive the vaccination first. This will be providing the most protection to vulnerable populations and critical state resources.

The state will initially distribute the vaccines based on the following CDC criteria:

Protecting health care workers who fill a critical role in caring for and preserving the lives of COVID-19 patients and maintaining the health care infrastructure for all who need it.

Protecting frontline workers who are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the nature of their work providing critical services and preserving the economy.

Protecting vulnerable populations who are at greater risk of severe disease and death if they contract COVID-19.

Mitigating health inequities due to factors such as demographics, poverty, insurance status and geography.

Data-driven allocations using the best available scientific evidence and epidemiology at the time, allowing for flexibility for local conditions.

Geographic diversity through a balanced approach that considers access in urban and rural communities and in affected ZIP codes.

Transparency through sharing allocations with the public and seeking public feedback.

"These guiding principles established by the Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel will ensure that the State of Texas swiftly distributes the COVID-19 vaccine to Texans who voluntarily choose to be immunized," said Governor Abbott. "This foundation for the allocation process will help us mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, protect the most vulnerable Texans, and safeguard crucial state resources."

Health care workers include staff at hospitals and long-term care facilities, emergency medical services and home health care workers.

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