There's nothing that catches my attention on a weather map more than red, especially when there's a lot of it. Well our friends over at Storm Search 7 definitely have one for us today. We may not be in the bullseye... but we're close enough that it definitely is eyes on the skies day around Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. Don't get me wrong I love colorful maps but this one looks pretty rough:

The National Weather Service officially said a little something too:

Another round of severe storms is possible this afternoon into tonight. Any storms that form before 9pm will be capable of very large hail possibly near baseball size and damaging winds. There is also a small chance for one or two storms to produce a tornado before 9.

Tornadoes? ouch... there's a few of us here in the area still cleaning up after what happened back in March when we had the outbreak that spun up a few that even hit Palo Duro. Baseball sized hail sure doesn't sound all that much fun either. Make your plan and follow through, have your sheltering options ready to go just in case.

Flash Flooding Possible

I think one thing they do under play is flash flooding which is just as dangerous as hail and tornadoes. What makes this one so dangerous is folks underestimate what fast moving water can do and figure that it's perfectly safe to drive only to need to be rescued when their cars are swept off the roads. With the rains we already have gotten the ground is starting to get to a point where it may not be able to take much more water which means flooding is more likely. Don't be a statistic, Turn around, Don't Drown.

Stay with us throughout the day, if things get crazy we'll certainly let you know. Speaking of Tornadoes here's a few tips to help out.

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