1996 is where we left off up, this time around it is 2017. After more than 20 years off the air, Rocko’s Modern Life is headed back to television and everything has changed. 

That was the last episode aired for Rocko’s Modern Life.

The upcoming made for TV movie will be out next year, on Nickelodeon bringing today's world to a show from he 90's. This looks great we got a preview of what could be in store (see below).

The new movie has Rocko returning to Earth after more than two decades in space(hmm), and discovers the world obsessed with technology(ok). His best friends Heffer and Filburt become crazy with social media, constantly online.

This is a must see, older cartoons tend to be better the newer cartoons!

Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling on TV in 2018!

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