Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, which means school parties for the kiddos! I always try to bring an extra special treat for my son's class.  I found something that is super easy and cute-race car Twinkies.

I like to bring something to school parties that make the kids smile. Being a working mom, I don't always have a ton of time. So when I found this cute little Valentine race car, I knew this was the perfect treat to make.

It didn't take long at all and my son loved it!  All you need is six ingredients: Twinkies, chocolate circles (I used Hersey's baking chocolates), chocolate hearts, pretzels, heart sprinkles, and a frosting tube to use as a glue.

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You get the round chocolates and put a drop of the gel frosting in the center and glue the heart sprinkles on. I do all the wheels at once so they can dry, then take the chocolate hearts and glue on the eyes and mouth (also heart sprinkles). Then take the pretzels and cut them to where the top is round but the bottom is pointed.

The last step is to get the Twinkie and assemble the race car. Take your gel frosting and glue the wheels on. Then take a small knife and make two slits --  one for the steering wheel and one for the driver. Gently push them both into the slits.

That is it! Pretty simple. I also went to the dollar store and found some paper heart doilies to put them on. Just and extra little touch to this awesome treat. The kids will love it!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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