When October rolls around, I am filled with the excitement of Halloween!  Mostly because I love all the treats that come with the holiday.  Like, my favorite, caramel apples!

Yes, caramel apples can be had all year long, but they always remind me of Halloween.  Growing up my grandma would make them for us every year along with popcorn balls.

Although I love caramel apples, I have a five year old who can make a mess out of anything.  Caramel apples are kind of hard for him to eat.  He usually eats all the caramel and leaves the entire apple.  So I have tried to find new ways to make old favorites.  I saw this recipe on Pintrest and decided to give it a shot.

It is so simple.  Wash your apples really well.  The you cut them in half.  Then you scoop out the middle.  I used a melon baller because it was easier that scooping it out with a knife.

Then grab a muffin pan and place your apple halves into the holes.  This will help keep your apples steady and prevent less of a mess.  Go ahead and melt the caramel as directed on the package.

Once the caramel is nice, melty and smooth pour it into the apples.  I cover them with some saran wrap and place in the fridge.  Once the caramel is set, pull the apples out and slice them up!

They are easy to hold and eat.  And the best part, they will make less of a mess!  Love it!

I planned on putting a picture of the finished product, but when I went to do that all the apples were already eaten by my anxious family.  :)

What are some great Halloween treat ideas that you use?