With everything that's "reopening" in the state of Texas, there still a lot of places being told they can't be open to the public. That includes your favorite place to get a tattoo.

Bomb City Ink and Good Vibes Tattoo were two places I saw online doing raffles to support artists and pay bills. Good Vibes posted this on Facebook:

According to the post there will be two drawings done, giving you two chances to win. I would recommend checking out their Facebook page for more information.

Bomb City Ink posted on Facebook about a raffle they are doing as well. One of their raffles is for sessions for an entire year.

If you have a favorite tattoo artist, I would check with them to see if they're doing anything special for when they're allowed to reopen.

Also, be sure to like your favorite salons, gyms, barbershops, and other places that aren't open yet on Facebook. Drop them a message letting them know you're ready to see them again.

Check for info on gift cards. That's a great way to help support some of these places not yet allowed to reopen. You can hold on to them, or give them to someone. Then, when these places open back up you'll be ready.

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