The mask thing has gone political and it's to the point where ignorance abounds. *Careful, your brain may explode at just how correct I am*

I have said from the start that responsible businesses and responsible people should be allowed to do their thing. The problem my brain has is when people make a logical jump that just isn't there.

Governor Abbott's order to allow people the freedom to choose whether to wear a mask or open back up has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with freedom.

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Let's break this down. Here are some other freedoms that I don't currently have:

  1. The freedom to drive as fast as I want
  2. The freedom to keep whatever junk I want in my backyard
  3. The freedom to fire my pistol in my neighborhood
  4. The freedom to own a tiger
  5. The freedom to do whatever drugs I want
  6. The freedom to die with dignity in a manner of my choosing
  7. The freedom to marry whoever, whatever, and however many as I want
  8. The freedom to build whatever I want
  9. The freedom to gamble
  10. The freedom to launch my own high-powered radio station
  11. The freedom to be naked in public
  12. The freedom to purchase and fire fireworks anywhere and at any time of my choosing.

Do you get it yet? The things above have been deemed to not be in the public interest, to be health concerns or considered somewhat detrimental to society. Funny thing is, most of these things have a lower death rate than COVID-19.

So once again, wear a mask or don't wear a mask. I really don't care what you do. But don't tell me it's about "freedom," because that's a damn lie and I just gave you a dozen reasons why.

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