Every once in a while you just see something on social media that hits you hard in the feels and reminds you of how heartless some folks can be when it comes to pets.

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Lets start off with the video and before it ends just know this, The dog is perfectly fine and in a much better place.

Yep, unfortunately this video comes from my home town El Paso and let's first make one thing very clear, it doesn't matter where you live, no one should ever just abandon an animal road side simply because "it no longer fits our lifestyle." I'm not gonna go into the whole animals have feelings too stuff or anything like that. I will say this, an animal is a commitment. you wouldn't just abandon a child roadside like this would you just because it simply no longer suited you. Thankfully Nanook the husky here, which is the new name from the family that gave this very grateful dog a second chance is just fine.

As a former husky owner I can tell you they demand a lot of attention and are escape artists. Not a dog for everyone. Lets look at the whole dog thing all together. They aren't for everyone and unfortunately many puppies that were cute at christmas suffer the same fate when folks realize, "oh hey I gotta take care of this." There are folks who do the right thing and attempt to rehome or take these animals to the shelter but there's only so much room.

Don't be like this family. A dog or any pet is a commitment that is certainly long term. If you can't take care of your own needs, a pet isn't going to magically fix this. If you find yourself in a situation with a pet you can no longer care for, the road or the wilderness is not the place to leave them. they cannot survive without you and you're giving them a death sentence. Find a new home for your pet first, if that isn't possible a rescue society is a great alternative and if none are available then the local animal shelter is more than good enough. Just don't be the folks in this video

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