One of my all time favorite Texans, Joe Bob Briggs, wants to see your movie. He's hosting an independent film festival of sorts and is looking for submissions.

If you aren't familiar with the Lone Star swilling master of the macabre, Joe Bob Briggs is a horror film host that focuses on the type of movies you would see at a late-night drive-in double feature.

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Joe Bob gave one of the most inspiring speeches I've ever heard in my life one night at the end of his show. He broke from the usual format and challenged his viewers to stop using the word "aspiring." You can watch the clip below.

Joe Bob recently brought this very speech up in a tweet, and announced that now is the time for aspiring filmmakers to send in their movies for Mutant Fest.

I know we have a lot of people in Amarillo who work in film. There are even more who want to work in film. We have several accomplished filmmakers, actors, and writers from our little slice of Earth.

If nothing else, here is a chance for your film to be seen by a guy who just simply loves everything there is to love about movies. Especially when it comes to independent films.

I first started watching the Texas take on "horror host shows" back when Joe Bob was on TNT with Monstervision. The first time I ever watched Phantasm was on Joe Bob's program. Now, he hosts a series on the streaming service Shudder.

I'm willing to go on the record and point out that it is the only reason why I have a subscription to their service. The new season of his current show, The Last Drive-In kicks off in April.

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