It seems like we're finally getting into Summer around here with only a few weeks left before Fall officially starts on the calendar. The outlook for winter here isn't so great either by the way.  All that aside the weather here in Texas can be something else and in the next few hours and for the next few days our friends down in the Coastal Bend are getting ready to deal with a Tropical Storm.

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Meet Nicolas

Tropical Storm Nicolas quickly popped up over the Bay of Campeche in the Southern Gulf Of Mexico over the weekend. We are actually in the middle of the Atlantic hurrican season and with extremely warm waters in the gulf, the system quickly intensified as it made it's way north. If there is a silver lining to be had with this storm it's not expected to reach full category 1 hurricane status or if it does very briefly before landfall. The winds are still formidable and will do damage but this storm comes with other issues that are bigger concerns. Storm Surge and flooding and for folks along the coast here in Texas, there is still fresh memories from Harvey which hit nearly 4 years ago. The High Pressure that is keeping us warm here in Amarillo will help steer this storm along the coast and slow it down which is bad news, that means a ton of rain.

How You Can Help

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First things first, yes this storm is nowhere near the golden spread, but we're all Texans and some of us have family, friends and interests down in that neck of the woods. So what hurts one part of the state catches up with the rest. considering a lot of our fuel supplies also come in and out of Houston, it could mean a spike in gas prices too.

There are plenty of great charities that are already on the ground and getting ready for what's coming and with efforts in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast after Ida still ongoing they can use your help. The American Red Cross is always the first go to if you want to help. they have an amazing logistics network and volunteer network that gets the job done. The Salvation Army is also a great group that also has ample resources and volunteers that move in when needed. There are many great Church organizations that are also standing by including the Texas Baptist Men, Catholic Charities among others who also have teams that move in and help.

Of course there are those who look to take advantage of the situation and if someone comes along asking you for money and demanding it... beware. We may be out of the path of the storm but I'm always of the mind, give help and it comes back when you need it. Keep these folks in your thoughts the next few days.

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