How often do you do chores at your house? Do you do laundry once a week or twice? How about dishes? Do you seem to be dusting all the time? Those winds we have here in the Texas Panhandle do contribute to a much dustier house. Maybe that is a task you do everyday. Especially if you have pets.

That dog and cat hair can end up everywhere. The good news is the more chores that you do the better your brain could be getting. I know that sounds like an evil plan to get more chores added to your list. I get it.

It's true though. People who do more chores end up having a bigger and stronger brain. That is important as we all start aging. It can even help you avoid dementia. So chores are not all that bad.

How can this even be possible? Think about it this way. If you grab the vacuum and decide to give the house a once over you are up and moving. You are getting some exercise. That is good for your brain. That is good for your heart. It's also good for your mental health.

We always feel a lot better when we sit back and reap the rewards of our hard work. A clean house is always good. So when you get home from work after a long day and you are planning your next couple hours or even the weekend chores, it's ok. Planning and making lists is also helping your brain.

It's so much better than getting home and just vegging on the couch. Want a happier brain? Get to cleaning the house.

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