Is this the single greatest save in the history of volleyball?

I'll be honest, I don't watch too much volleyball. I know, I come across as a volleyball enthusiast, but it's rare that this sport pops up in my life. That changed today, as I've now gone up to at least 20 people to show them this video.

Now I'm going to share it with everyone!

A volleyball player in nearby Decatur, TX, made the greatest play on a volleyball court you'll ever see. Her name is Autumn Finney and she plays for Decatur High. Now, she's got to be the most popular person at school.

A clip featuring her one-of-a-kind play has gone viral, and you'll have to watch the footage several times to get a grip of what she pulled off.

The ball was sailing past her, moving into the backcourt, when she came flying in out of no where to save the ball and even hit it back OVER the net.

You have to see this!!


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