The Tri-State Fair is fun and full of rides, games, and food.  They also have some amazing shows and one of the highlights of the fair is the Sea Lion Splash Show.

Yes, sea lions are in Amarillo as we speak and will be here through Saturday.  You may ask, "how can there be sea lions in Amarillo?   When I first heard about the show, I asked myself the same questions, but they are here and they are fun to watch.

The show travels with four sea lions, Lily, Avocado, Ponki, and new comer Columbia (who just watches because she's new and in training).  They are adorable.  They have a stage set up with a huge pool connected so the sea lions can frolic and splash.

Even when the show isn't going on you can stop and watch the sea lions swim, lay around and even scream at each other.

These sea lions are rescues and due to circumstances are unable to be returned to the wild so they get to travel and show off their amazing talents.

I won't give too many secrets away because to get the full effect of the show, you'll need to see it for yourself.   Don't be surprised if you want to take a sea lion home.

At the end of the show they even give you an opportunity to take a picture with one of the sea lions.

The show times for the Sea Lion Splash are 4:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 7:00 p.m.

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