Seriously, what would you do if this was your luggage?

A video has gone viral from an airport showing something truly remarkable. It's like the airport equivalent to tumbleweed blowing in the western wind.

The video is shot looking out into the airport's tarmac, where typically you won't see anything of note except for a few small trucks driving around and a few airplanes taking off. Not today, nope, today we get to see something you'll probably never see again.

Somehow, some way, a piece of luggage found it's way onto the tarmac, and now, it was on it's way to make a new life for itself. Clearly tired of all the traveling, this lonely piece of luggage simply wanted to get away.

The viral video shows a suitcase on wheels literally rumbling and stumbling all the way across the tarmac. It must have been a windy day because that thing picked up some serious speed.

Legend has it that the piece of luggage is still moving along as we speak.

You have to see this!



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