With the rain that came yesterday in Amarillo also comes some weird stories. It may be totally unrelated but I feel the weirdness comes out when the rain does. We had some flooding in our city. We had some weird sightings at the Amarillo Zoo.

Oh and we had a situation at the Rick Husband International Airport. It all started way before many even got up. For whatever reason, around 4 am there was drama in the parking garage. There was a suitcase left behind

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Google Maps

Ok, at first it's not really too suspicious we all bring luggage with us. So not a big deal. Oh, but we usually try to get to the ticket counter so that suitcase can go with us on our trip. Maybe this bag fell off the cart they were using. You know how hectic it gets. Right? Trying to rush inside and get your boarding pass and get through TSA.

It's a lot. So who knows. When something like that is left behind they have to find out if there is any danger. So they had to shut down the parking garage for a couple of hours. Smart.

TSA came and tested the suitcase. It tested positive for explosive materials. Oops, Amarillo we have a problem. Now it became even bigger. Amarillo Police Department's Bomb Squad was the next call.

When they came out and had their robot check it out it turns out the suitcase was empty. OK, why is there an empty suitcase in the parking garage? That doesn't make sense. Why did it test positive for explosive materials? Maybe at some point, a gun was in this suitcase. I am not sure.

There are just way more questions than answers. What we do know is that everyone was safe. The parking garage was back open. We could go back to our day knowing that potential danger was gone.

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