Downtown Amarillo is going through a revitalization and is set to continue for many years to come. New businesses, the new ballpark, new restaurants, and even new hotels. The newest addition to the city is the Barfield Autograph Collection Hotel. While the hotel will be new, the building has long dotted the Amarillo skyline. Built in 1927, the Barfield building measures 10 stories and was known as Amarillo first skyscraper. This is an incredible way to celebrate the history of Amarillo while providing a new level of service and class to the city.

“It’s going to be West Texas meets luxury hotels,” said Jeff Kramer, General Manager of the Barfield Autograph Collection Hotel. “We really pay homage to West Texas and offering West Texas luxury experience." "When you stay at other hotels your getting a very consistent product throughout the country. When you stay with us we treat you first class.”

Credit: Marriott

The almost 100 year old building provides a great setting for a boutique hotel and will offer first-class amenities that will place a premium on hospitality and service. There will be 112 guest rooms and including 2 presidential suites. Construction is right now at 60% complete and the target date for opening is in the early spring. The Barfield will also be looking to add about 80 people to the staff.

“This will be Amarillo’s first boutique hotel,” said Christy King, Director of Sales & Marketing. “This is more for the indigenous traveler that wants something different.” “When a traveler wants a new destination it really plays off the community and what makes Amarillo unique and that’s what this hotel will show.”

Credit: Marriott

The next closest boutique hotels are located in Oklahoma City and Dallas. This will be the first and only boutique hotel located in the Texas panhandle. Autograph Collection Hotels is a brand operated by the Marriott company.