Nobody likes to be forced into doing something, especially if it goes against their faith. Hobby Lobby is making it clear that they do not support the coverage of the morning after pill.

Most people either feel super strong about the subject or think that each person has the right to choose.  Well Hobby Lobby has strong feelings and they are letting everyone know by filing a lawsuit over the mandate in the health reform law that requires employers to provide coverage for the morning-after pill.

The Oklahoma based chain has always let it be know that they were christian.  They are closed every Sunday and consider themselves a "biblically founded business."

The chain feels that this mandate is the government forcing business owners to "violate their own faith."  The store also says that because of the mandate, they are facing fines up to $1 million a day for not complying.

This is a sensitive subject that will, in the end, make at least one of the parties involved angry.  I hope it all gets resolved quickly.

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