I think when I started working that the minimum wage was like $5.50. When I Googled it it showed me an even crazier amount. According to Google it was so much less than that.

credit: Google
credit: Google

I really don't remember it ever being that low while I was working. Heck, what do I know. That is an absurd amount of money. Even back in those days. I moved out with my then boyfriend, future husband, and the rent was $315 a month. I remembered thinking how crazy THAT was. Really.

This lead to me working several jobs and collecting several paychecks. I get it. Minimum wage is hard to live off of always. Which is why you strive to make more than that.

The good news came out from Hobby Lobby recently. I am not one to decorate much. I am not the core audience when it comes to targeting. I, will admit, my daughter is a fan. So I knew visiting the store will always be in my future.

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So seeing this announcement really gave me hope. Heck, Hobby Lobby gets it. To get quality employees you need to make them feel wanted and needed. One way to do that is through their paycheck. Heck, that is the only way to keep valuable people. Pay them what they need to survive.

Yay to Hobby Lobby:

Have you heard the news?
Effective January 1, 2022 our minimum full-time hourly wage increases to $18.50! In addition to providing industry leading pay, we also provides great benefits to eligible employees, including an outstanding medical, prescription, and dental plan, 401(k) with generous company match, flexible spending plan, long-term disability benefits, life insurance, vacation pay, personal paid time off benefits with annual buyback, holiday pay, chaplain services, and an employee discount.
So if you are looking for a new job that will pay you what you are worth, you are in luck. You can check out their current open positions HERE.
Here is to 2022 looking much brighter for employees here in Amarillo. Hobby Lobby is trying to make that possible.

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