Looking for that big break to get into show business? Well a producer from Hollywood is giving you that chance. Bradley Dorsey was born and raised in Amarillo and moved to Hollywood to pursue a career producing films.

Bradley is currently filming the third installment of the faith-based movies “Revelation Road” and wants to bring it to Amarillo. Some scenes will also be shot in Happy and other areas in the Panhandle. James Denton, who is known for his longtime role as Mike Delfino on “Desperate Housewives”, will be one of the main actors in the movie.

The post-apocalyptic Christian film will have lots of action and will be filmed in and around Amarillo for the next three weeks. It is being produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, which is the nation’s largest producer of Christian films. Dorsey said he will need plenty of extras to be in the movie.

If interested contact Dorsey by email extras@katzkasting.com. They will start filming this Tuesday and Wednesday. I think Hacker, Dallas, and Angel Dee are gonna try to get in on this!

This should be very exciting for our city and thank you Dorsey for show some love to our hometown!

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