I'm not going to lie, I find Katy Perry to be quite attractive!  She's a little too weird of a girl for me to every consider dating, but when it comes to fantasies, she's top 5, or at least she use to be.  Now that's she's went off and died her hair this awful pink color, I'm more confused then anything.  All the hot booty and hard body in the world couldn't stop the distraction caused by her new hair color.

So why did she die her hair?  Well I know she died her hair blonde recently, you know since she was the voice of Smurfette in the new Smurf movie.  But this new pink color has no explanation.  I think Russell Brand is rubbing off on her.  That dude is a strange duck, and all though I never thought Katy was normal, I never thought she was a weirdo.

So what do you think?  Hot or not?  Should more girls be going with the pink hair color?