This is a perfect story of compassion and humanity!

After 4 decades a homeless man will have the opportunity to finish his college education absolutely free.

According to CNN, David Carter was a student at the University of Texas at Austin studying for his art degree in 1971 and while having aspirations of becoming a writer unfortunately after an alcohol related incident he had to drop out at the age of 23 years old.

Life wasn't too good for David as he became a victim of alcohol abuse and later diagnosed with schizophrenia things took a turn for the better as he met  and befriended Ryan Chandler who was a student and interviewed him for an assignment on homelessness.

I interviewed him as a source on Austin's homeless problems, and after I heard how inspiring his story was, we kept in touch and really became friends. I learned of his desire to get back to UT, so I helped him along that very complex and bureaucratic process.

After finding out David wanted to go back to school to finish his degree Ryan decided to help him out.

David had 87 credit hours, but now after the changes in the degree requirements he now only need 64 credit hours to pursue his degree.

Ryan along with the help of the admissions department got him enrolled to finish the program and as an added bonus an alumni from the university has paid his tuition absolutely free!

He wanted to remain anonymous to value the importance of education and the university will do everything they can to assure David stays on course.

Thank you Ryan for your humanity and compassion.  I hope that in the near future we will be cheering David's name as he receives his diploma.


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