Remember the countless hours you spent on Hot or Not — that completely superficial yet instantly addictive “am I good looking?” rating website?  Now you can click until your hand gets numb all over again as Hotstagram hits the web.

Very similar to the old “Hot or Not” concept, users sign on and very simply click on one of two photos of hot women (now just added: men too).  Then, a fresh new pair of contestants for your own personal beauty pageant pops up. Lather, rinse, repeat.  The catch is: these photos are coming from the popular iPhone/Android app Instagram. (You know, the one Facebook just bought for $1 billion.)

Hotstagram launched with a selection of ladies first (such gentlemen) and quickly added men to the instant roster (both on June 5) — just in time for some primary elections.  We don’t think that THIS vote officially counts in any state though.

Curious (read: vain) users of Instagram can automatically enter their own photos into the mix by using the hashtag “#hotstagram.”  The site is bound to go viral. We’ve already gotten a number of 404 messages, so keep clicking. Check them out on Twitter or just jump to the goods on the leaderboards.

The site’s mission, according to its own wording, is “to find the hottest people on the planet.” It’s bound to be hard work, but someone’s got to do it. Challenge accepted.

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