I feel incredibly bad for all those whom have to deal with this kind of problem.  I get it, money is tight, sometimes you have to make a choice between food and a car window.  Obviously, food is the choice to go with there.  So you have a broken window in your car, and it starts raining, what do you do?

Well the person who owns the car pictured above has a pretty good idea of what to do.  This is a simple fix that will keep the vast majority of rain from entering your car.

It's pretty easy, just take a trash bag and lay it over your window with a little bit hanging over on the inside part of your car door, and just shut the door.  As the car door shuts, it shuts the trash bag between the door and the door jam.  Keeping the trash bag in place and keeping the rain out of your car.

The problem with this solution is it only works when your outside the car.  So you can't do it while your in the car, and even if you do have a friend help you from the outside to get it shut in while your sitting in the driver's seat, you lose a ton of your vision because it's blocked by a trash bag.

So what do you do to keep the rain out, but keep your vision?

Now I'm not here to sell you anything, but I will tell you about this product called Sticky Sheets.

Sticky Sheets are used for pulling pet hair off your furniture, they are large sheets of plastic that have adhesive on one side of them.  You would lay the sticky side down on your couch and then simply pull it off and it collects the hair off your couch as you do that.

But hey, leave it to a Texan to find an alternate use for them!

I've used Sticky Sheets to seal off a broken car window and if you do it right, it works like a charm!

Simply take your sticky sheet and lay it sticky side facing your car.  As you do this the adhesive on the sticky side will glue to your car and provide a barrier between you and the elements outside.

While this isn't a permanent fix to the problem, it is a temporary fix that will seal off your window from wind, rain and snow, and keep everything visible out the window at the same time!

You may have to use 2 sticky sheets depending on how big your window is.

On a little car like this one, you can probably get away with just using one.

This will give you a good block from the rain and buy you a little time till you get your window fixed.

You gotta love Southern ingenuity!

What are the craziest ways you've sealed a broken window on your car?  Leave comments below, I'm interested to know what ideas you have!

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